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May 20
4 min read
SupplyCompass recently spoke to Paqui Ferrer, Marketing Director of Recover, upcycling textile waste into high-value yarns in Spain, on the history of the business and their post-pandemic visions for the circular economy and fashion industry.
May 18
4 min read
The most common form of recycled polyester is known as rPET, which comes from discarded clear plastic bottles instead of raw petrochemicals. This article delves into the rPET process of how plastic bottles are turned into yarn that's increasingly used in the fashion world.
Apr 3
2 min read
Econyl is a form of nylon that is made entirely from waste products. It is made from a range of post-consumer waste including abandoned fishing nets, carpets, and rigid textiles and aims to be a green alternative to the original product which is made from a derivative of oil.
Mar 20
2 min read
Greenpeace has called polyester the 'Achilles heel' of fast fashion, making up around 60% of clothing worldwide. Today, there is twice as much demand for polyester compared with cotton.
Mar 11
4 min read
Material and innovation companies are rapidly launching and exploring solutions to innovate the possibilities with waste and investigate end-of-life options of different materials.
Mar 10
4 min read
With technological advances comes material innovation. Biomaterials can be found in multidisciplinary industries with different functions and uses.

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