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May 1
3 min read
Navigating your way through the overgrown jungle of standards and certifications isn’t intuitive. For any given aspect of the supply chain, there can be dozens of standards and certifications vying for your attention.
Apr 6
8 min
The global COVID-19 pandemic proves to be a challenging time for the fashion industry in many ways. SupplyCompass recently spoke to our linen manufacturing partner on how their business has evolved, what changes they expect to see in the industry once the pandemic is over, what technology is exciting them at the moment.
Mar 26
2 min read
For small and medium-sized fashion brands, choosing what type of manufacturing partners to work with is key strategic decision for the success and growth of their businesses.
Mar 19
6 min
SupplyCompass recently spoke to Kresse Wesling MBE, Co-Founder of Elvis & Kresse – the sustainable luxury brand and B Corp converting industrial and commercial waste, such as fire hoses and coffee bags, into luxury goods and accessories.
Mar 11
4 min read
Material and innovation companies are rapidly launching and exploring solutions to innovate the possibilities with waste and investigate end-of-life options of different materials.
Mar 9
5 min read
At the 9th Future Fabrics Expo held recently in London, SupplyCompass attended a seminar which sought to examine circularity through the lens of recycling.

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