The most intuitive Fashion PLM for SME brands to do it all in one place—WITH their manufacturer.

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Painful Production meetings. Archaic Software. Endless Email chains and WhatsApp Groups. Wrong samples. Frustrated Manufacturers who just don’t get your vision.

Seasons are out, drops are in. Fewer styles, more reactive production cycles. More considered, less wasteful production. Flexible, remote working.
But to effectively meet demand and grow, brands need systems that consistently help them deliver on time, cost, quality, and sustainability. Systems designed for the unique needs of SMEs, like you. Customizable system, that is easy to navigate, and makes the lives of both your team and manufacturers easier. From inception of the style right through to delivery.

A Sneak Peek of doing it all in one place, with SupplyCompass.

Seamless functionality, streamlined processes and the best user experiences enable you to go fully agile and productive, and collaborate most effectively with your manufacturers.

Product Development

Visualise the flow of your product development process and make sure your manufacturer always understands you. 

1. Tech Packs2. Libraries3. Fit4. Feedback5. Approvals Management

Tracking and Organizing

One place. So everyone actually knows where things are at.

1. Organization & Visualization2. Style Status Tracking3. Sample Management 4. Production Reporting

Shared Supplier Workspace

Structured collaboration that brings an end to endless back and forth.

1. Supplier Relationship Management 2. Structured Workspace 3. Sample Submission + Dispatch 4. Shared Planning 5. Contextual Conversations 6. Order Information

Having researched 100+ fashion SME brands and personally visited 300+ manufacturers across the globe, we’ve built SupplyCompass to reflect the needs of the very unique fashion industry.

That’s why we believe in a great onboarding as well as customer experience for both you AND your manufacturer. Plus, we release new product features fortnightly, so you’ll always find your prayers answered.

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