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The Collaborative Production Platform

The new way for brand builders, production teams and their manufacturers to collaborate on product from moodboard to delivery.

Don't accept the status quo.

It’s no secret that we now live in the age of conscious and connected commerce, where those who emphasize building collaborative relationships and investing in strong partnerships are thriving.

Over the past decade, fashion brands have been laser-focused on the demand side of the equation. Building close relationships and feedback loops with their customers and communities, transforming into customer-driven and product-first businesses.

So with the demand part ‘solved’ – what about the supply side?

To meet demand and grow, brands need an agile production model that consistently delivers on time, cost, quality, and sustainability.

We get it; this isn’t easy. 

The status quo in production is a largely disconnected process, where information is siloed, and teams have accepted uncertainty as standard.

The ‘Black Box’ of production makes everything unpredictable, forces teams to be reactive rather than proactive, and instils widespread acceptance that costly preventable mistakes and delays are unavoidable.

So keep calm and carry on, yeh?

There are a million reasons to accept the status quo—the default mode. Change is hard. There are different ways of working and many systems and processes to consider, including language barriers, different time zones, and travel restrictions.

Change requires systems thinking.

You can’t solve complex system-wide problems by thinking from only one perspective and focusing exclusively on solving personal or internal issues. To see positive change, other organisations and individuals within the system need to be solved too.

The shift towards Collaborative Production Model 

Collaborative Production is a game-changer and is what winning brands are already doing. A McKinsey report showed that brands collaborating closely with their suppliers are already outperforming their peers’ revenue by 10%!

  • Patagonia embedded its collaborative business ethos across the whole supply chain.
  • Allbirds in covid invested even more in their supplier relationships rather than trying to find alternative suppliers.
  • Zara (love or hate ‘em) speed to market is unrivalled thanks to a fully integrated supply chain model.

The world has changed, and the fashion industry needs new systems and new technologies that enable creativity and cross-industry collaboration. 

  1. Fashion PLM has been around for decades and, as a big bang implementation model, can be high-risk and takes time to implement. But, most importantly, this wasn’t designed with the modern, digitally native brand in mind.
  2. Generic productivity tools like and Asana, on the other side, are not designed for the uniqueness of fashion production and fail to deliver industry-specific processes and structure. You have to custom create your whole workflow from scratch, a unique template that makes cross-organisational collaboration much hard.
  3. Excel and Google Sheets are accessible, configurable and easy to set up. The go-to for most teams, but a serious barrier to collaboration, requires rigorous versions and heavy reliance on email and We Transfer.

The fashion system, the people who work in it, and the planet needs better.

But we knew we didn’t have all the answers. Hence, we started with a 2-year long research journey and personally visited 300+ manufacturers and suppliers worldwide and spoke to 1000s of brand builders and business owners to understand their challenges first hand.

This is why we started building SupplyCompass – The Collaborative Production Platform.

Flora Davidson, Co-Founder & Head of Product + Gus Batholomew, Co-Founder & CEO

Create your products with Style Builder

Use Style Builder to create libraries for components and materials, add dimensions and share files for embroidery and prints. Clone existing Styles and cards to start the product creation process faster than ever.

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Create a shared workspace for collaboration with your team & your manufacturers

Create a shared workspace with your manufacturers to share live tech packs and order samples. You can manage the whole sampling workflow with The Sample Loop our most collaborative feature.

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sample order inbox

Track your Style's progress from moodboard to delivery date.

Download an introduction to SupplyCompass 👈
timeline for production delivery
Sample tracking

It is fast, slick and easy to use.

Working with Supply Compass makes the complex process of creating clothes simple. They have their customers at the heart of what they do and are always on hand to help. I thoroughly recommend this platform for any clothing business looking to streamline their processes.

— Natalie Grant

Head of Design at Baukjen, United Kingdom

My favourite feature is the samples table because I like clarity

I really like how it’s set up chronologically in the columns, and that when you request something, it turns orange and when you approve something it turns green. It’s so clear and easy to use. It is also so easy to reply fast and to not have too much clutter of a thread in the email.

— Berdine

Apparel Manager, Chillhop Music

It's a brilliant, seamless way of handling production

I can upload ideas to a mood board, get an opinion on sizing, move through to ordering samples or a colour swatch. Checking out as if it was any kind of online store—for me, it’s a brilliant, seamless way of handling production, I never actually would have thought possible.

Stuart Smith

Founder of Lovenskate

The platform makes creating products easier than I could have possibly ever imagined

After dealing with factories for a few years where we faced constant issues with lead times, quality, corner-cutting and a lack of transparency, SupplyCompass have provided a massive breath of fresh air. Watching it improve as SupplyCompass listens to customer feedback has been incredible.

— Giles

Founder of The Motus Projects, United Kingdom

We find it very easy to work with businesses that are similar to us – young and ambitious

We find it very easy to work with businesses that are similar to us – young and ambitious. Without SupplyCompass, we couldn’t manage all the production on our own, as we don’t have the resources to travel, connect with factories and compare production.

— Emily Little

Retail Lead at Patch, United Kingdom

Having all the production information and communication in one place saves my team a lot of time

It really helps reduce the amount of communication back and forth. It has helped us to improve product quality and just generally make our service better. Plus, it’s super quick and easy to learn—I love it!

— Jambu

GOTS and GRS-certified Factory Owner, South India

SupplyCompass treat you as an equal in the partnership to make our business succeed

Working with SupplyCompass has been a refreshing change. They are transparent and upfront.

— Sundar

Founder of Leather Accessories Factory, South India

It helps us to instantly to give and get feedback and maintain proper communication

The Platform is very user-friendly. It helps us to instantly to give and get feedback and maintain a proper communication flow between the client and our merchandising team. The biggest benefit is having more clarity on what exactly is required. I would recommend SupplyCompass to both brands and manufacturers so we can all avoid wastage, rework and communication delays.

— Mano

CSO, Textiles and Garment Manufacturer, South India

This platform is going to bring about a big revolution in this industry

I’d love to recommend SupplyCompass! I foresee that this platform is going to bring about a big revolution in this industry, where people are struggling to keep records for communication, filings and approvals. Now they can focus on production and sales! It was my dream to bring some change in this industry; SupplyCompass has come with that idea and I’d love to see people use it.

— Smita

Director, Garment Manufacturer, Delhi, India

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