Platform Release Notes

Aconcagua ⛰️⛰️⛰️
18 June 2021

Aconcagua Release Notes
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👀 Sampling Grid and List view update

  1. Updated Grid View and launch of *new* List view to enable easy switching between the two based on needs

  2. Grid: Addition of Style thumbnails and ID, update to colour rules for sample status

  3. Grid: Collection & Project selection, saves selection until you log out
  4. Grid: Page loads faster, enabled by new expand and collapse feature and “load more”
  5. Grid: Addition of icons for features and improved logic to navigation
  6. Grid: Sample Size selector now built into sample request flow
  7. List: Improved navigation to style and to feedback
  8. List: Addition of filtering in List view
  9. List: Sample Order commenting now accessible from the List view

💬 Sampling Option and Feedback Screen update

  1. New sampling tab in Style – people can access sampling from 3 areas now:
    1. Style
    2. Project
    3. Global Sampling area
  2.  New sample feedback icon, highlighting new feedback easily.
  3. Improved Fit Log <- to ->  Feedback direct loop
  4. Card Approval and feedback flow reduce to one click from within the tech pack. Card Sample status now showing in Tech Pack and addition of sample feedback icon
  5. New and improved split-screen for sample option and feedback. Quick navigation to sample feedback – 1 click from within style, form grid or List view
  6. More data fields required by the factory on sample submission, data now shows in the Sample Option screen. Factory can now upload multiple photos per option and image zoom
  7. Accept / Reject
    1. User name and date stamp now showing
    2. Status pulls through to list view and on option thumbnail

📝Manufacturer Sample Option submission

  1. Addition fields for Manufacturer in Sample Option submission flow. Unique fields in submission flow for:
    1. Product Samples
    2. Labdips
    3. Strike offs
    4. Swatches
    5. components
  2. Checkboxes to select what is included in sample against request

🥽 Manufacturer Kanban & List View 

  1. Launch of new sample List view like brand Platform
  2. Updated kanban swimlanes (columns)
  3. launch of
    1. Brand search
    2. Adding of filtering, sort by and column pagination
    3. Number of samples dispatch / out of total
    4. Sample status pill on card
    5. Quick view icon
    6. Delivered status
    7. Addition of archived option for complete orders

💳 Purchase Order Optimisation

  1. Launch of cloning POs
  2. Enable Add / removes styles from PO
  3. Remove requirement to approve costs prior to submitting PO to factory
  4. Enable and improve the uploading on other POs formats
    1. Add custom amount / currency
    2. Create custom PO numbers

Nilgiri ⛰️⛰️
27 April 2021

Nilgiri Feature Release Notes
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🔍  Search

  1. Launch of the new search feature in the navigation bar for Brand & Manufacturer platforms
  2. Select what you want to search in the drop-down (Styles, Projects, Collections, Sample Orders, RFQs) and start typing name or number. Search is reactive as you type.
  3. Click on the object to navigate directly to the folder or file.

📏 Fit & Fit History

  1. Launch of a new tab called Fit History within the dimensions card. You can see history of fit, linked to sample requests – standardised, structured and easy to find!
  2. A new toggle to switch between ‘final spec’ and ‘sample view’ (for Manufacturers. Coming soon for Brands…)
  3. Addition of POM notes column in fit table

👀 Live Page View & External Style Sharing

  1. A new icon called ‘Live Page View’ for all styles. Teams can now view styles in an alternative, read-only, page view (one scrollable page)
  2. The new download button in a Style enables teams to download either the live style or previous versions, attached to sample orders.
  3. You can now share a page view link of any style externally – to people who have not signed up to SupplyCompass.

🎰 Bonus Updates!!

  1. Archive Chats – Teams can now archive and unarchive chats using the box icon within each chat
  2. Manufacturer Sample Feedback Screen – Updates to the sample feedback screen for manufacturers. Highlighting new feedback and improving navigation
  3. Manufacturer Sample Submission – Manufacturers can now easily edit sample options before dispatching

Arthur's Seat ⛰️
26 March 2021

Arthur's Seat Feature Release Notes
  1. New and improved sign-up and sign-in flow for Brands & Manufacturers
  2. New and improved landing page for Manufacturer Platform
  3. New ‘invite teammates’ button on the top right nav on both platforms. Now you can invite multiple users in one go and set roles on invite
  4. New streamlined create collection flow, making it quick to create collections and styles
  5. New fast way to add lots of Styles easily with ‘create another’ check box
  6. New fast way to add lots of Material & Components easily with ‘create another’ check box
  7. Brand teams can now add and remove POMs at any point during sampling
  8. Brand teams can now delete colours after A/R in sampling

Aravalli ⛰️⛰️
08 March 2021

Aravalli Feature Release Notes

Tech Pack Page View & PDF 

Brand Platform

  1. You can now view and download the tech pack as pdf. from the brand platform  (yay!)
  2. Where? In Sampling & Approvals > All Project Sample > Tech Pack (read-only) column
  3. This tech pack is a read-only document that is created when your manufacturer accepts your sample order. It provides a history of what was requested and submitted for that specific sample order. Tech pack version-history combined with sample request historic!

Manufacturer Platform

  1. Your manufacturer will have a new and improved pdf. print view of your tech pack. 
  2. When the manufacturer accepts your sample request, an option to download the Tech Pack (read-only) will appear in the sample order summary section. 
  3. This is a read-only document that is created when your manufacturer accepts your sample order. It is a record of what was requested and accepted for that specific sample order. See it as sample tech pack request history.

Sample Orders

Brand Platform

  1. The new and improved All Project Samples Page that not only lists the samples you’ve ordered but also now has a quick link to the Tech Pack Page view and pdf. download for that sample order.
  2. It’s essentially version history for your tech pack and is where you can find sample feedback too. Easily find what you requested, when, see the status of your requests.  No more trawling through email.
  3. Where? Either navigate from Sampling & Approvals tab in the Navarbar or within each project, 

Manufacturer Platform

  1. A new and improved Sample Order summary screen for your manufacturer, to make it easier to view sample request and download tech packs.
  2. Tech Packs (read-only) generated on Sample Order acceptance
  3. Where? Manufacturer Platform > Sample Order Tab > Sample Order Summary

Manufacturer Selection 

  1. You will now be able to approve a manufacturer to work with immediately. We have removed the requirement to request and approve costs first. This means you can start sampling and sourcing much more easily and faster!  


  1. New notifications to all users invited to new chats 
  2. Notifications for unread messages for all offline users
  3. Links in chat are now hyperlinked and open a new window


  1. We’ve added additional hover text in costings to make certain features clearer and update info text boxes
  2. Addition of Additional Terms box, one for you, one for your manufacturer! Use this box to discuss anything extra relating to your RFQ.
  3. Made Payment Terms editable and customisable for each factory within a project. Any changes trigger a notification to all parties
  4. You can now select from a list of all common incoterms
    1. FOB [auto set]
    2. CMT
    3. EXW
    4. FCA
    5. CIF
    6. CPT
    7. CIP
    8. DAT
    9. DAP
    10. DDP

Table Mountain ⛰️
03 Feb 2021

Table Mountain Feature Release Notes

Chat Notification Bubble: Unread chat number to appear on the chat icon in the navigation bar

Shared Documents: Addition of Shared Documents tab within all Projects

  1. Both Brand & Manufacturer platform 
  2. Auto-share documents with internal and factory team
  3. Tag documents and name on upload
    1. Barcodes
    2. Code of Conduct
    3. Critical Path
    4. Design Files
    5. Invoices
    6. Labels & Packaging
    7. Logistics
    8. Packing Instructions
    9. Packing List
    10. Quality Control & Inspection Reports
    11. Supplier Information
    12. Other
  4. Set viewing, commenting and editing rights 
  5. Show created and last edited date
  6. Shows owner of document


  1. All comments are now editable and deletable, platform-wide. Will show [edited] if it has been edited by a user. Updating of commenting colours:
        1. Grey – no commenting allowed
        2. Navy outline – commenting allowed 
        3. Red outline – comments [read]
        4. Red fill – comments [unread]


  1. Reply to Comments: Now you can reply to all comments once.Adding Addresses: updated address form, now address have a recipient name and mobile number as an optionValidation messages: Addition of new validation messages on delete to prevent permanent deletion without an additional layer of acceptanceNotifications: Updated e-mail notifications across the platform – now trigger on all significant actions Download Measurements: Ability to download dimensions table in CSV format at any point 

Kanchenjunga ⛰️ ⛰️ ⛰️
07 Dec 2020

Kanchenjunga Feature Release Notes

Brand Platform

Sampling & Approvals Feature

  1. Sampling & Approvals Dashboard: Launch of new Sampling & Approvals global dashboard in Nav bar. Users can select collections from drop down and view all styles across all projects and see the status of each style and every card. Users can click on dashboard cells and be given various options to navigate to feedback, approvals and to request new samples.
  2. Sample Requests: Users can now request all sample types from Sampling & Approvals dashboard. Users to be able to track sample deliveries. 
  3. Factory Sample Submission: Users can view all photos submitted by the factory against each sample through Sample Feedback feature. They can view and download images prior to receiving samples.
  4. Colour change status: Card and style status now has colour change feature to reflect status – requested, in progress, out for delivery, approved and rejected.
  5. Time and date stamp: On dashboard to indicate request, est. delivery and delivered dates.
  6. Sample Feedback Flow: Users can now give mark sample as ‘received’ and navigate sample feedback from Sampling & Approvals dashboard 
  7. Fit Log: Users can navigate directly to fit log from dashboard and select the relevant sample from drop down in the dimensions card
  8. Sampling Feedback: Users can upload any number of sample feedback images against the sample images submitted by the factory. Users can click to annotate and comment collaboratively. 
  9. Sample Feedback Submission: All feedback is submitted to the manufacturer on the next sampling request and shows as part of the digital tech pack for the manufacture.

Dimension Card and Fit Log

  1. Factory measurements: Factory measurements column added to dimensions table. Measurements are required by the factory in order to submit samples and send.
  2. Tolerance : Auto-highlight measurements that are out of tolerance
  3. Accept / Propose New: One click to approve measurements or reject to propose new measurement. 

Manufacturer Platform

Manufacturer Tech Pack View

  1. Updated Manufacturer Tech Pack view. Tech pack now full page and opens on a new tab  full
  2. Sample Feedback Tab: New Feedback tab added to Tech Pack to enable manufacturers to view feedback and comments against sample easily from one place
  3. Approval Status: Addition of approval status of cards on Tech Pack, with photo approval and date stamp of approval
  4. Images: larger images and addition of scroll and zoom feature on all images 
  5. Variations: Addition of variation summary on overview tab of tech pack
  6. File download: Addition of Download All feature 

Sample Order Management

  1. Kanban board: Introduction of new kanban board to manage sample requests – requested, accepted, completed and cancelled swim lanes.
  2. Sample Submission: Launch of sample submission flow for manufacturers to upload images and digital record of product and card samples prior to sending
  3. Fit Log: Input factory measurements against product samples before sending. These measurements appear in Brand fit log
  4. Sample Delivery Information: Users can now add AWB, tracking and delivery details to sample orders
  5. Sample Order Split: Users can update sample delivery date and split deliveries if some samples are not ready

Snowdon ⛰️
28 Oct 2020

Snowdon Feature Release Notes

Brand Platform

  1. Style Functionality: Teams now have greater style flexibility and can clone/move/remove/archive styles from a Collection or Project until PO is approved.
  2. Style Information: Teams can now add custom style codes to each style.
  3. Costing Flexibility: Teams now have the ability to request re-costs and add/remove styles from an RFQ up until a PO is approved.
  4. User Management: Teams can now enable/disable email notifications for each individual user, and also remove a user from the team.
  5. Dimension Card updates: Auto-save functionality on the dimensions table and additional flexibility on the upload via .csv function.
  6. Sign-in & sign-up flow: Simplified flow, the user will no longer be required to add OTP.
  7. Moodboard: Ability to share Moodboards with Manufacturers.
  8. Sample Orders: Updated sample order timeline and added functionality. Teams can now view the following: More detailed delivery status on the timeline, sample order delivery details, airway bill number, tracking link and delivery details.


Manufacturer Platform

  1. Landing Page: New and improved landing page with easier in platform navigation and quick links to help centre, blog and giving feedback.
  2. User Management: Ability to add multiple team members.
  3. RFQs: New option to ‘accept updates on RFQ’ following the addition or removal of a style from Brand Platform.
  4. Production View: Dimension card update showing all sizes with POM Dimension next to the related image.

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