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Fashion’s Tech Awakening: Time for Transformation

4 min read Apr 29

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by Flora Davidson in Technology

In the short space of 6 weeks, the famously fast-moving fashion industry has been forced to slow down, or in some cases, come to a screeching halt. At SupplyCompass, we’ve spent much of this period speaking to brands, industry experts, and factory owners around the world, to get their perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 on the fashion industry and on how we can re-emerge stronger, together.

I moved from London to Mumbai, India during the early days of SupplyCompass and spent the majority of my 2 years there inside factories all over the country. My aim was clear – ask questions, listen, learn and build long-term relationships in person. I wanted to get to the bottom of why things were done the way they were and understand how to digitalise production and supply chains in a way that worked for manufacturers, as much as for brands.

I often found that whenever I’d question why something was done in a certain way, the response would be: "…because this is how it has always been done". It was clear that processes and habits had been entrenched over decades, and few had paused to question why.
Flora Davidson
SupplyCompass Co-Founder

I noticed that although brands and factories were quick to talk through the challenges that existed within fashion production and supply chains, technology was rarely seen as a viable solution to their problems.

It didn’t make sense to me that the retail and consumer-facing side of fashion was exploring all kinds of exciting technologies, but that behind the scenes – product development, production, and supply chain management was essentially being done via email, Excel and WhatsApp. Whilst all great tools, none had been designed for the unique complexity of fashion supply chains. What’s more, with sustainability rising up the agenda of every brand, I couldn’t see how these ambitious sustainability goals would be achievable without technology at the core.

Time to re-think

Over the past 6 weeks, something has happened we didn’t expect. Organic inquiries into SupplyCompass have increased by 400%. Brands and manufacturers are all of a sudden seeking out new solutions and are open to changing their ways. With time to explore new solutions, I’ve noticed a profound, and positive change in attitude and an appetite for experimentation. I reflect now, that perhaps the main barrier to change wasn’t, in fact, a lack of want, but a lack of time.

Design and production teams were so busy struggling to keep up with the exhausting pace of the fashion calendar, they weren’t afforded time to pause and think – “is this really the best way to do this?”. Many teams were, understandably, too busy to change ingrained habits because it was easier in the short term to stick with what they knew. This period of lockdown has been the Fashion Industry’s version of Bill Gates’ famous Think Weeks. Downtime is something in short supply in the fashion world. Such time is invaluable, to reflect on old habits and build new ones, mental space to be creative, and an opportunity to re-think and re-build things better than before.

WFH is changing how teams work

Since most fashion brands have been forced to operate remotely, working from home has brought about an immediate need to design collections and manage production online. It’s important that teams use this time to explore and train themselves on new digital tools and bring product libraries into the cloud. Production software provides a necessary single source of truth and means teams can be working on the same collection or order at the same time, whilst at home. This reduces miscommunication, increases team visibility, drives efficiency and encourages better team collaboration, regardless of whether you are together or not. Slack, WhatsApp and Zoom are great tools for communication but aren’t built for product development, factory collaboration, or effective order management.

Now really is the time for change.

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Flora Davidson
Co-Founder at SupplyCompass
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As Co-Founder and Head of Product at SupplyCompass, Flora Davidson is responsible for the vision and direction of this platform. With a background in innovation and ethnographic market research, she’s wholly focussed on being customer-driven (brand and factory!) in her approach to what technology they build, how and why. She’s obsessed with good design and excellent, intuitive user experience. Flora is passionate about reimagining how the fashion ecosystem can work more openly and collaboratively together, and sees the shift in emphasis towards stronger partnerships between brand and factory, as foundational to the transformation of the industry.


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