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The Right Thing #1
May 24

The Right Thing #1

I’ve been thinking a lot about how fast things have changed in the fashion industry since we started SupplyCompass – obviously no more than last year.

Seasons are over. 

I wrote this short article on the rise (and rise) of the Drop and why the most successful brands are droppin’ collections non-stop. (For those who haven’t heard of a Drop or have been living under a rock. The BBC has even got a new show on it)

Drops are exciting and all, but if the concept of seasons has irreversibly changed forever, what is the implication for manufacturers and how production is managed?

Conscious, connected commerce

There’s an insane amount of pressure on brands and their factories to delight and meet the expectations of this digitally savvy, increasingly climate-conscious, and ever-evolving fashion consumer. They’re reacting by designing and producing smaller collections faster – launching lines way more frequently. Exhausting stuff.  They’re doing all of this muddling through on old tools (excel) and legacy systems (crazy list of businesses with acronyms) that have been designed for a bygone era.

A fresh approach to selling requires a fresh approach to producing…

I can feel a shift in the way DTC brands are approaching sustainability

Sustainability is finally on the common agenda – not enough, but it’s there, and it’s not going anywhere.  We are all part of a growing movement of individuals and businesses that give a shit and are accelerating change.

I’ve definitely noticed how brands are evolving in their approach to sustainability. They realise it’s not enough to swap out cotton for its organic alternative and put a sustainability tab in the footer of a website with a nice photo of a cotton plant.

Systems thinking is critical.

To transform this industry (which is required), it’s got to be a holistic, equitable and system-wide approach. It requires a progressive mindset, an approach where brands collaborate and work with their factories to drive mutually beneficial change togetherShared goals, working together – thinking long-term…

This month, we’re working on something new that will help brands reach their revenue goals more regularly and reduce anxiety for everyone involved in production.

Email me direct – and I’ll tell you more.

Thanks for reading.

– Flora

P.S. Here is what I’m reading right now. What is on your must-read list?

To get be thinking about how to think about sustainability and production in Fashion and as part of a much bigger (eco) system.

Why we all need to be 0% busy a bit more so we can reflect and set long-term goals.

Fashion companies and manufacturers should base their relationships on transparency and information sharing as a foundation, with the expectation that greater trust will follow.
Flora Davidson
Co-Founder at SupplyCompass
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As Co-Founder and Head of Product at SupplyCompass, Flora Davidson is responsible for the vision and direction of this platform. With a background in innovation and ethnographic market research, she’s wholly focussed on being customer-driven (brand and factory!) in her approach to what technology they build, how and why. She’s obsessed with good design and excellent, intuitive user experience. Flora is passionate about reimagining how the fashion ecosystem can work more openly and collaboratively together, and sees the shift in emphasis towards stronger partnerships between brand and factory, as foundational to the transformation of the industry.


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