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4 ways our Moodboard tool can save you time, money and improve quality!
Mar 17
2 min

4 ways our Moodboard tool can save you time, money and improve quality!

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4 ways our Moodboard tool can also save you time, money and improve quality!

Our moodboard feature isn’t a moodboard as you know it. You can use it not just as a collaborative inspiration sharing tool, but also as a sourcing pack with your factory, for sharing and commenting on quality assurance images, and to gather and share customer feedback with your factory!

Collaborative Sourcing Pack

Upload collection inspiration, share the moodboard with your factory. Get them to upload image and comment of what is available. When it comes to designing, just drop the factory moodboard cards direct into your tech pack in a click!

Collaborative Sourcing Pack

Sharing customer feedback with your factory

Getting customer feedback to your factory to get them to see what the common issues are with products, and where improvements can be made can be really powerful. It can reduce common quality issues, fit feedback and ultimately reduce returns and save you money. Get your marketing and Customer Services teams to cream customer feedback moodboards, add images, comments and feedback. You can then drop those cards into future tech packs, make sure key customer feedback is never missed

Sharing customer feedback with your factory

Improve Quality Assurance

Its a really easy way for your  QA team to add, share and commment on quality issues occurring in sampling and production.

Improve Quality Assurance

Share inspiration

Never again lose track of where your saved inspiration for next season’s collection. With the Moodboard tool, save and share ideas instantly and easily with your team. Spending time searching through folders on your desktop, scrolling through your Instagram ‘saved’ feed, or searching through a pile of magazine cutouts, is a thing of the past. Easily collaborate on future collections, wherever you are.


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SupplyCompass is a Collaborative Production Platform for Fashion that brand builders, production teams and their manufacturers use to collaborate on product from moodboard to delivery.

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