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Sustainable packaging

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Mailer bags coming soon!

We have taken years to find trusted, certified partners to join our network. We only work with manufacturers and suppliers who understand the importance of sustainability, who produce quality products, and who can be flexible with MOQs. Good communication and reliability is key. We look for a forward thinking mindset, for people who like to collaborate, and expect honesty and transparency from day one.

Plastic free

100% compostable

Perfect for

Plant based


Durable & waterproof

Our partner factory is located in southern India. Customisable polybags have a lead time of 8 weeks and minimum order of 3,000 units.

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Compost at home

Our bags are made from plants, but are as durable as plastic. They’re also waterproof, ensuring they can keep items safe and sound. They can be put into a home compost and will break down in 6 months.

Custom Packaging