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Say goodbye to painful production meetings.

The most intuitive, easy-to-use software for fashion brands to get your team and manufacturers on the same page. All without sieving through hundreds of email chains and WhatsApp groups. Get our comprehensive Product Guide to explore all our 95+ features!

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Sustainable Product Development & Delivery Software for Fashion

Product Development

  • Tech Packs
  • Libraries
  • Sample Ordering
  • Sample Status & Tracking
  • Fit & Feedback
  • Approval Management
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Product Delivery

  • Timelines and Planning
  • Custom Workflows
  • Production Reporting
  • Shared Milestones
  • Style Tracking
  • Order Management
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Comms & Files

  • Style Threads (internal/external)
  • Email Notifications
  • Contextual commenting
  • Automated Overdue Milestones Email
  • Upload and share any file size and type
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Here's some more goodies for you!

Stellar Onboarding for both you AND your manufacturer

(and it is free of charge)

Dedicated Customer Success Manager for you AND your manufacturer

We'll build a personalised onboarding plan and schedule that works around you and your manufacturing partners.

Fortnightly Delights

We take insight and feedback from every customer, so with new product releases fortnightly you'll find your prayers being answered.

Being a sustainable brand and scaling up can feel like being at two ends of the same tug of war.

While it’s even easier than before to create demand for your sustainable brand, it’s harder than ever to build a supply chain to keep up with it and retain the sustainable principles you’ve embedded.

We’ve worked with 100’s of brands. These were the top 4 issues they faced with their manufacturers:

That’s why we built SupplyCompass – because brands that want to solve these issues need to collaborate with manufacturers.

And to do that they need a shared workspace to go and do it.

Flora Davidson & Gus Bartholomew


We're more organised than we ever were.

Let’s just say you were in a meeting with the top dogs and you had somebody ask you a question about something. “What’s the price of this?” It’s all in one place, rather than, “Oh, let me just download this Excel on Dropbox. Oh, my Dropbox is crashing. This is awkward.

SupplyCompass is just making everything more seamless and streamlined. It’s extremely easy to use and the team is very supportive. It saved us a lot of time and we are a lot more organised than we ever were. It’s very easy on the eye. I feel like you could kind of teach yourself if you had to. It’s foolproof.”


— Luisa Falco

Head of Buying, Rixo

We cut our lead times by 43%

How agile are we and how few errors do we make? How fast can we move on things, for everyone? The speed to market is where you can be agile and we can respond quickly to things happening. You need to pay better prices for better people and better ethics, but if you focus on the wastefulness and inefficiencies and timings, you save money. SupplyCompass is bringing that transparency and common language across the supply chain with integration on digital orders and processes and timing. We managed to cut our lead times, the just-in-time materially, by 43%.

Winner of the 2021 UN Global Climate Action Awards.

— Geoff van Sonsbeeck

Founder & CEO at at Baukjen & Isabella Oliver

We finally found a system that matches our ambition.

Communication is a big improvement for us. I prefer the way we are NOW working—we have a clear process and the steps are clear. Before we had, say, six steps and every step has its own time limit which you need to check before starting production. Now we can cancel two of those steps, we can spend the time we have on the making of the product, searching for new fabrics and adding new details. It gives us a little bit more space to do what we love most.

Every fashion brand has its own process and how they work. SupplyCompass has given us the ability to grow in our own way—it’s very important for us to have the ability to be flexible.

— Michael Vinke

Founder and CEO, Lofty Manner

Old ways were just too clunky

Just gotta get them to give it a go and once they’re on having a go, 95% of people will realise it’s better than what they’re doing. For me the idea of collaboration with manufacturers and growing the brand with it was big. Tiktok takes 10 years off your age and SupplyCompass does the same to your lead times.EAT YOUR WATER

— Liam Scanlan

Founder, Eat Your Water

Zero-Waste Fashion

The software that I’ve used before is just so focused on the brand side. And it, like, does not at all meet the needs of a manufacturer. It’s just some floofy design process. THIS is clearly designed with people who are actually making clothes. You all actually know what that means. And that—that means a lot too.


— Rachael Faller

Founder & CEO

It's a brilliant, seamless way of handling production

I can upload ideas to a mood board, get an opinion on sizing, move through to ordering samples or a colour swatch. Checking out as if it was any kind of online store—for me, it’s a brilliant, seamless way of handling production, I never actually would have thought possible.

Stuart Smith

Founder of Lovenskate

Having all the production information and communication in one place saves my team a lot of time

It really helps reduce the amount of communication back and forth. It has helped us to improve product quality and just generally make our service better. Plus, it’s super quick and easy to learn—I love it!

— Jambu

GOTS and GRS-certified Factory Owner, South India

SupplyCompass treat you as an equal in the partnership to make our business succeed

Working with SupplyCompass has been a refreshing change. They are transparent and upfront.

— Sundar

Founder of Leather Accessories Factory, South India

It helps us to instantly to give and get feedback and maintain proper communication

The Platform is very user-friendly. It helps us to instantly to give and get feedback and maintain a proper communication flow between the client and our merchandising team. The biggest benefit is having more clarity on what exactly is required. I would recommend SupplyCompass to both brands and manufacturers so we can all avoid wastage, rework and communication delays.

— Mano

CSO, Textiles and Garment Manufacturer, South India

This platform is going to bring about a big revolution in this industry

I’d love to recommend SupplyCompass! I foresee that this platform is going to bring about a big revolution in this industry, where people are struggling to keep records for communication, filings and approvals. Now they can focus on production and sales! It was my dream to bring some change in this industry; SupplyCompass has come with that idea and I’d love to see people use it.

— Smita

Director, Garment Manufacturer, Delhi, India

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