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The fashion and homeware industry is unfortunately among the top most polluting industries in the world and it shows no signs of slowing down. By 2030, it is estimated that apparel consumption will rise by 63%. Given the size, growth and impact of the fashion industry, it’s time for action. We all need to take responsibility and build a more holistic and sustainable way of doing business covering people, planet and profits.

Responsible Design, Sourcing, and Production

Efficient Processes

Find efficiencies, be data driven and source smart. Implement structure and industrywide standardisation to avoid mistakes and reduce waste

Sustainable Design

Design smart at the start. Select the right materials and design for end of life. Designers can control up to 80% of the product’s environmental impact.

Strategic Partnerships

Invest in supply chains relationships. Establish better buying practices and place collaboration, trust and transparency at the core.

At SupplyCompass, we believe that for sustainable design, sourcing and production to enter the mainstream and become the only way to operate, it needs to make business sense. If designing and producing sustainably was easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective than conventional ways of sourcing - then everyone would be doing it.
Flora Davidson
SupplyCompass Co-Founder


People, planet and profit

Access to visited, verified Manufacturers

You can either invite and onboard your own manufacturers or should you need, you can also get instant access to new visited, trusted and vetted manufacturers and suppliers through the platform. If your collection requirements match the skills and capabilities of a SupplyCompass manufacturing partner – you’ll get matched and introduced so you can start working directly together through the platform. All our Manufacturing Partners have been visited and verified personally by SupplyCompass, and all are already trained and using our platform.

Full traceability

Full traceability and radical transparency is the future. If you’re working with SupplyCompass verified Manufacturers – we also strive to visit and vet tier 2 and 3 suppliers too. This enables us to have greater visibility and certainty over conditions and processes across the whole supply chain. Our digital material library makes it easier for businesses to discover innovative and sustainable materials, know where they are coming from and design with the best materials from the start.

Farm: Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain


Ginning: Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain


Spinning: Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain


Knitting: Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain


Dyeing: Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain


Production: Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain


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Read our guides to learn more about some of the materials we work with and learn about their origin, properties, cultivation, extraction, processing, and production.
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