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A better way to start your day

SupplyCompass' collaboration tools for product development and delivery will help you see the status of every style and prioritise your day in the time it takes you to drink your coffee.


Make designing collections
and managing production easier for everyone

One shared workspace for all styles, communication and order details

  • Easily navigate and manage style information across all your collections in one place. Intuitive to use and quick to create—avoid missed information with a standardised format
  • Add and manage all style information in libraries. Keep a clear record of all important data and avoid repetitive work
  • Add library cards to styles in one click
  • Ensure your factory and team are working from a single source of truth. Never share the wrong version again!

Collaboration with all your manufacturers, in a shared workflow

  • Invite your manufacturers to join for free, and start working directly with them with one integrated, easy to use platform
  • Collaborative Workplace for all team members
Learn more about our Manufacturer Platform

Know where your styles are actually at

  • Easily request & track samples, from the platform and keep on top of what you’ve ordered.
  • A clear overview of the status of all styles across all collections, full visibility and control for your whole team
  • Easily see what actions are required, and make approvals and revisions with your team, from one dashboard

Full clarity over fit, feedback and approvals

  • Fit sessions made easy—collaborate together in real-time, without needing to be together
  • Upload images and annotate with your comments
  • No more lost feedback, make it simple for your manufacturer to understand

One-click PO creation

  • Raise POs automatically in the platform with no additional data entry required and save team time
  • View and manage all invoices
  • Upload, share and collaborate on packing lists, barcodes, code of conduct and more!

Get to final sign off without the last-minute stress

Design collections collaboratively, easily share product and order information, request samples, give feedback, make approvals, keep track of costs, have visibility over timelines, and raise purchase orders—all from one place.

The SupplyCompass Production Platform for Fashion Brands


  • Easy, intuitive style creation
  • Shared, collaborative moodboards
  • Factory sourcing packs
  • Fabric & trim libraries
  • Easy fabric sourcing and approval

Production Managers & Buyers

  • Easy collection and order management
  • Cost management and price negotiation
  • Style status overview and updates
  • Sample order tracking and management
  • Easy PO creation and submission

Manufacturers & Suppliers

  • Simple, structured comms
  • Easy RFQ management and cost management
  • Clear approvals
  • Digital tech packs and shared fit logs
  • Easy sample request and submission
  • PO, invoicing and packing lists

Product Developers

  • Collaborative spec creation
  • Sample request management
  • Shared brand-factory fit log
  • Structured sample feedback
  • Easy approvals

C-Suite Execs

  • One platform for all production
  • Greater visibility across all orders
  • Easy tracking and status updates
  • Easy supplier management
  • One place for costs, POs and invoices

Sustainability Managers

  • Manufacturer profile management
  • Standardised material & trim information
  • Structured, digitised product and collection data
  • Upload, share and manage certs, standards, codes of conduct and inspection reports

Now take a look at our Product Guide.

If you’re still having doubts, our Product Features Guide has got you sorted. We break down all our features and sub-features, explaining how you can use them and what makes them tick, so you can understand how SupplyCompass can help SMEs like you.