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It is time to level up your product development game

Watch or listen to Flora Davidson, Co-Founder + Head of Product explain the problems that SupplyCompass is uniquely solving in the fashion industry—there’s a good chance there’s a lot you’ll be nodding your head to.


Copy + Pasting into Excel?

Working with clunky technology is restricting creativity and making the process of making clothes less fun.

How to start collecting the data you need to prove your sustainability claims

Most fashion brands start their sustainability journey in the wrong place. Here's why data and the human side should not be ignored.

Why most PLMs aren't suitable for SMEs and what we have done differently

Using tech built for Enterprise business will put your brand at a disadvantage — unless you choose one built specifically for SMEs.

Why inviting your manufacturers onto a shared platform for product development will shorten your lead times

Tech needs to be based on collaborative, shared systems that your manufacturers enjoy working with too, if your brand is to benefit.

How to get sampling right

Sampling can have serious effects on your lead times and product quality. That's why it should be taken as seriously, as a production run.

How to grow & remain agile

SupplyCompass combines guardrails and flexibility to create tech that moulds to your needs.

How to replace back and forth on email, WhatsApp etc. with a contextual chat built around your styles

Every bit of communication that goes between you, your team and manufacturers has to be linked to a style's tech pack + timeline.

Sick of missing deadlines? Perhaps it is time for a shared plan.

Dates can often be thrown around in emails and Whatsapps, but need to be agreed upon collaboratively and tracked effectively.

How to combine WeTransfer, WhatsApp, Email, File Storage and visual feedback into a single shared workspace

Here's why a single, digital workplace is essential to organize all the communication of your brand.

Now take a look at our Product Guide.

If you’re still having doubts, our Product Features Guide has got you sorted. We break down all our features and sub-features, explaining how you can use them and what makes them tick, so you can understand how SupplyCompass can help SMEs like you.