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Platform overview

The sustainable supply chain platform for design and production teams

Build trusted supply chains, design collections and manage production from one platform.

Design collaboration made easy

  • Upload and save ideas into your collection moodboard.
  • Seamlessly annotate and comment.
  • Share with your team and let them add their thoughts and ideas too.

Create the best tech packs in minutes

  • We know that creating tech packs often doesn’t feel so creative. 
  • Upload, annotate, build libraries, and avoid all that repetitive work.
  • We’ve made creating tech packs a breeze.

Access the best supply chains

  • Get matched immediately with visited and vetted manufacturers from the SupplyCompass network. 
  • Trusted relationships, full transparency and top quality products.
  • You can focus on designing, we’ll find you the best people to make it!

Get perfect samples first time 

  • Getting to the perfect sample can feel like an uphill struggle season after season. 
  • Request samples, keep track of progress and easily give feedback back all from one place. 
  • With SupplyCompass you’ll get the right samples, first time. No more surprises.

Manage everything from one dashboard

  • Managing revisions, feedback, approvals, critical paths, and purchase orders for multiple orders can feel stressful at times.  
  • With SupplyCompass, say good-bye to hundreds of email chains, missed revisions and last-minute delays.
  • Manage and keep track of everything from one dashboard.
  • Stay in control.

What brands say
about us

With our passion for sustainability, simply being the leader in sustainable, ethical sock manufacturing wasn’t enough. We partner with SupplyCompass in London and use their sustainable sourcing platform to ensure our supply chain is traceable, and our products are sourced from the best possible manufacturer of materials on the planet.

— Nicola Rennie

Founder of STANDARD, Australia

What supply chain partners say
about us

Compared to our past experiences with many sourcing companies, working with SupplyCompass has been a refreshing change; They are transparent and upfront, their terms are very reasonable and they treat you as an equal in the partnership to make the business succeed.

— Sundar

Founder of Leather Supply Chain Partner, India