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Try our platform with one collection and one of your manufacturers


  • Store 15 Styles
  • 1 Manufacturer Login
  • Unlimited users

Need more Styles / Manufacturers?

+ £250/mo per 10 style bundle

+ £350/mo per Manufacturer

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For established brands
(to simplify their business)


  • Store 500 Styles
  • 15 Manufacturer Logins
  • Unlimited users

Need more Styles / Manufacturers?

+ £75/mo per 10 style bundle

+ £200/mo per Manufacturer

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For Enterprise
(to beat their competition)


  • Styles – Custom
  • Manufacturer Logins – Custom
  • Unlimited users

Brand Platform Features

Collection Inspiration

  • Save, categorise, share collection inspiration internally via moodboards with annotation and commenting feature
  • Save and share collection inspiration or sourcing pack with factory—give viewing, commenting and editing rights
  • Drop moodboard inspiration into tech packs in one click

Style Creation & Management

  • In-Platform Tech Pack creation—build tech packs from Library Cards
  • Large product image thumbnail for each style. Easy image upload, with drag and drop on all images
  • In-platform Tech Pack sharing with factory—no email or file sharing apps need
  • Upload, save and share large files sizes
  • Add measurements in dimension card set cm / inches. Excel compatibility: csv upload / download of measurements to dimensions card
  • Auto grading feature and auto highlight out of tolerance in shared fit log
  • Dimensions Card supports multiple size scales for a style (i.e. S,M,L or 0,1,2)
  • Construction notes with annotation and commenting tool
  • Assign custom Style ID, tag product type, and tag style to collection / drop
  • Clone, move, archive style. Clone styles in one click to repeat for future season, make edits to style and create unique style code
  • Create or add Material & Component [trims / labels / packaging] Cards from Libraries
  • Colour picker and colour code and type [eg TPX / TCX]
  • Print / embroidery file upload—select print type and print repeat from drop down


  • Material & component card information saved in libraries with drop downs and search functionality
  • Add the following material information to fields in Material cards: Material name, type, custom code, composition, construction, weight, finish, cost/m, MOQ, certifications
  • Add the following material information to fields in Component cards: Component name, custom code, composition, size, description
  • File Library—save any file type and generate link to share

Costings & RFQs

  • RFQs with inbuilt auto link to tech packs - no need for external file sharing
  • Cost in multiple currencies [all currencies]
  • Set target prices and desired payment terms
  • Add cost options and quantity options to work towards target price
  • Invite multiple factories to cost for one order, request, compare and manage costs
  • Cost Negotiation at cost level
  • Commenting feature at cost level
  • Cost Acceptance and re-cost feature
  • Costs auto pull through to PO

Sample Request Management

  • Request swatches [lab dips, strike offs] and Product Samples [proto, fit, SMS, PPS, Top, pre-shipment]
  • Sampling Dashboard to track progress of each card within each style - cell colour status change
  • Select sample delivery address from saved addresses
  • Ability to 'split delivery' of sample order. Sample progress tracker with DHL tracking
  • Sample log to track date and status of all samples and to keep track of samples and costs across project

Fit, Feedback & Approvals

  • Factory to upload photos and sample information before sending
  • Factory measurements added directly into platform in dimensions table / fit log—platform auto-highlight which measurements fall out of tolerance
  • Individual, one-click material and component card approvals with photo
  • Easy image upload and annotation sample feedback
  • Track changes in Fit Log and accept/propose new measurements with one-click

Collection & Order Management

  • Create collections and orders—add / move / clone styles across
  • One main Sampling dashboard across all collections
  • Create, edit and generate Purchase Orders in platform. Draft, comment, approve, download PDFs and .csvs
  • Ability to add multiple delivery address to Master PO—ship to different locations, set different ex-factory dates
  • Ability to add representative to PO
  • Add size split % at style variation level
  • Barcode uploader to share with factory
  • Factory upload packing list
  • Upload code of conduct and compliance and share with factory
  • Factory to upload invoices—add due date and payment terms

Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

  • Browse, source and manage all materials & components in Libraries
  • Invite manufacturers / suppliers to join, add and manage information. An overview of all manufacturers from one place
  • Get instant access to SupplyCompass verified manufacturers if needed [contact Sales]
  • Communicate with manufacturer direct via platform Chat feature

Accounts & Users

  • Save multiple addresses in platform [sample delivery, warehousing, billing]
  • In-Platform billing and subscription management
  • Multiple team users collaborate in real time
  • Different users and viewing rights
  • Invite manufacturers to join Manufacturer Platform—they sign up and login to their own platform
  • Email notification—turn on / off email notifications at a user level

In-Platform Chat

  • Create new chats and add your internal team-members and factory team
  • Chat with your team and supplier chain in real-time
  • Link chats to projects to better manage all order communication in one thread
  • Share links, videos, and hi-res files direct through chat

Platform Add Ons

Get Introduced to
a Trusted Manufacturer

  • High quality, trusted, and reliable
  • Leading certs and standards
  • Only pay on order placement

from3%of order value

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Have SupplyCompass Production Experts Manage your whole order

  • Dedicated Team of experts
  • Hassle free production
  • Single point responsibility


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Platform for brands

See Brand Platform Features

Platform for Manufacturers

See Manufacturer Platform Features

Pricing FAQ

How much does SupplyCompass cost?

Our plans and packages depend on the size of your business and volume of goods produced, and are tailored to your needs and requirements. Please get in touch to find out more.

How do I know if SupplyCompass is right for me?

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. For our full-service offering we require businesses to have been up and running for at least a year and have produced and sold at least one collection to date.

What are your order minimums?

When working with SupplyCompass partners, the minimums really depend on the factory set-up, the product category, and the material minimums. Sign up and talk to our team to find out what these are.

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